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Our organization was formed by a grass roots effort of family members and community activists focused on the pursuit of eradicating heroin and other harmful drugs from our culture, our children’s lives and our community.  We envision a future where heroin and other narcotics are no longer widely used or distributed to our children. This is not a war on drugs; this is a fight to save lives. Our volunteers raise awareness and funding that help us fight these terrible addictions.   We strive to find answers and preventative measures. Saving a child, a family member and a friend…. one at a time.

Natalies Story

Natalie’s Life and struggle with Heroin Inspired myself and others to get involved in the fight.  Natalie’s last several months was spent being incarcerated in the Dauphin County prison in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.  Natalie loved to express herself in many ways and was the author of a collection of poems, one of her most impactful works was titled Heroin. See a excerpt below.


By Natalie Cribari (Written December 25, 2005)

Through poison-tainted veins, I feel
a warmth that soothes, but is surreal
It’s funny how we became acquainted
He made me quiver, I almost fainted.
He seemed so cool, so calm, and sweet
He swept me off my virgin feet.
We fell in love, or so I thought
My soul, not my love, is what he sought

To see the complete poem and all of Natalie Cribari’s work visit our sister site

Understand Your Rights to access Narcan in Pennsylvania. Dr Racheal Levine has signed a standing ordered for all PA residents to get Narcan at your local Pharmacy.


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