NCDAF Application for Financial Assistance

 Procedure for Request of and Disbursement of Fund

I.                      Request for funds made on-line.  The client will be directed to the on-line application which will be filled out entirely.  The application will be passed on to Jeanne Pastor  who will forward to each member of the board after level1 review that the application is valid and complete.

II.                    At the next board meeting, the board will review and vote on the acceptance or rejection of the application.  Suggested changes may be made to the client in response, or if additional information is needed. 

III.                 The client will be informed of our decision within 3 business days by phone, and a letter will be sent to them.    A check will be disbursed at that time.  if approved.

IV.                If the request was made via telephone, e-mail, the client will be directed to the web site to complete the application. 

V.                  If the request is urgent, a message will be sent to the board via instant messenger. 

The Board will decide if;

a.       Funds will be dispersed

b.       More information is needed from the applicant

c.       The request has been denied and the requestor is notified.

d.       In the event funds are approved;

e.       The client will then be sent a letter as soon as possible, along with the check for the funds

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