NCDAF prides itself with integrity that means we evolve to better serve you!

We have made necessary changes to our scholarship program. We now have a new and improved application that will provide clarity in the financial assistance process. The application will provide us with the pertinent information we need to appropriately assist you! The changes made to the application ensure we are able to make the most informed decision in providing a safe environment for your recovery. Should you have any questions regarding the application process please do not hesitate to contact anyone of our scholarship committee members and we will be happy to provide assistance.

Total Scholarships to Date:  153

The financial assistance that we provide is for rent for recovery houses only. We now have a pre-approved list of upstanding recovery houses to choose from. We have seen success with these recovery houses and trust that you will too! Should you have other needs we will do our best to provide credible resources that may help you in your recovery journey.

As always, we want our mission to stand clear:

To foster awareness on all aspects of OUD, intervention and recovery assistance to the community.

To continually educate and inform the community on their Healthcare rights under the law, in regards to recovery services and treatment available.

To educate and inform the community on legislation recently passed that impact access to services, and to clearly communicate the rights as a community member and a consumer.

To contribute resources to private or public drug awareness initiatives and assist them with financial funding that aligns with the goals and objectives of NCDAF.

NCDAF Scholarship Application


The RASE House

The goals of RASE House are to empower our residents to enter prolonged recovery and to live productive, self-sufficient lives. RASE House programming is designed to assist each resident achieve the following objectives: sustained recovery, permanent full-time employment, understanding and possession of bank accounts, and the necessary skills needed to navigate through life successfully. RASE House encourages the residents to reach these objectives by utilizing the following tools: daily 12-Step meeting attendance, weekly Recovery 101 groups, weekly Life Skills classes, appropriate referral to necessary ancillary services, Recovery Plan development, House Meetings, supervision and weekly contacts. We believe that it is essential for the residents at RASE House to examine all aspects of their lives and to replace old negative behaviors with new positive ones to achieve ongoing recovery and success.

Appropriate referrals to RASE House are diverse and include individuals in the criminal justice system, treatment programs, work release centers, halfway houses, or other similar institutional settings, or whose homes are not conducive to recovery.

Individuals seeking admission to the RASE House must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a history of addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs (aod).
  • Exhibit the desire and ability to enter sustained recovery from the use of aod.
  • Commit to stay at RASE House for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Are willing and able to work a full-time job.
  • Ability to provide one week’s rent and security deposit upon admission.
  • Ability to live harmoniously with others.

There are RASE House options for men and women.  Facilities for women are in Harrisburg and Carlisle and the men are housed in Lancaster.

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Colonial Park House – John Laus – 717-991-4755

The primary purpose of Colonial Park House is to provide a safe and supportive home-like environment for its residents. We offer a place where men and women can safely leave the isolation of chemical dependency and begin anew with other residents who are seeking a more meaningful and fulfilling life. With 18 beds in 6 residences, Colonial Park House creates a beginning foundation for experiencing the community life of recovery. Our lodgings are tastefully decorated and fully-furnished. We provide residents with semi-private bedrooms, linens, towels, appliances, utensils and all other basic needs for comfortable living, including flat screen TV’s, WI-FI access and free washer and dryers. Our men’s sober living apartments and our totally separate women’s sober living home are conveniently located near large suburban malls and many stores, eateries, and theaters. Harrisburg has a lower unemployment rate than the national average providing more opportunities for employment.


All residents must maintain complete abstinence from any and all mood altering, mind-bending substances including, non-prescribed and/or non-approved drugs or chemicals. Zero tolerance for any substance use and/or abuse.
Residents are aware that drug or urine tests may be asked of them. Refusal to provide a specimen will be considered a rules violation and the resident will be asked to leave immediately. If the drug/urine test is positive, this will result in immediate discharge.
All residents must work, volunteer, or further their education at least 20 hours per week beginning within the first 2 weeks of their stay.
Residents must abide by the curfew of 11:00 PM – unless working a night shift.

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Invision Recovery Houses

Invision Recovery Houses are in a nice location in Lemoyne, PA that is conducive to recovery. We have 9 recovery houses all in close proximity providing a recovering community. The houses are close to a bus route with a new CAT Transfer Station a few blocks away.

There are three local job placement offices in the immediate neighborhood who readily assist the recovery house residents with employment. There are numerous AA/NA meetings in the close proximity to our houses in supporting this sober community.

For those in the need of on going substance abuse counseling New Insights II, a licensed drug and alcohol treatment facility, is a short walk away.

The Joanne House

A recovery house for women located in Lemoyne, PA

What to Expect

  • Thirty days of sobriety are required for admission.
  • Any drug or alcohol use will result in immediate expulsion.
  • All tenants must obtain employment, and hold down a job. A minimum of 20 hours a week is required. Those who have supplemental income, unemployment, or disability are still required to work or do 20 hours a week of community service.
  • Tenants must be in counseling, or have recently successfully completed drug and alcohol treatment. Those coming right out of rehab must continue with after care treatment.
  • A minimum of four AA or NA meetings per week are required.
  • Week night curfew is 10:00 pm, weekend curfew is 12:00 midnight for for the first 30 days. After the first month the week night curfew is 12:00 midnight, and the weekend curfew is 1:00 am.

Resident Requirements

All potential tenants must have at least 30 days of sobriety to be eligible to move in. Rent is $135.00 a week and is collected each Sunday. Payment is required at the time the new tenant moves in. Utilities, local phone service, basic cable TV, cleaning supplies, and linens are provided. The houses are fully furnished. Tenants are responsible to buy their own food, personal items, and $10/month fee for internet.

Those interested should contact the Intake Coordinator (Men) – Larry Fedorko – (717) 525-0508, the Residential Supervisor (Women) – Amanda Maxton – (717) 831-8621, or email them:

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Just for Today, Inc. – MALE

300 Market St.
Lemoyne, PA 17043
Steve Barndt

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Willow Way Recovery House – FEMALE

Willow Way Recovery House – FEMALE

Lydia Thomas, Program Manager



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It is owned and operated by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Residents will either have a single room or share a bedroom, most equipped with their own bathrooms.

This home does not provide formal or professional counseling, but offer in-house staff support to help connect residents to these kinds of services and other community resources, manage daily operations, reinforce accountability, and support family living.

The house is located in a beautiful residential neighborhood within walking distance to commercial areas and public transportation which is ideal for employment, shopping, and getting to support meetings.

Individuals interested in applying for acceptance into Willow Way must complete an application. Completed applications can be faxed to Lydia Thomas, Program Director, at 717-972-0925.

Madison House West – MALE

55 Columbia Ave.
York, PA 17404
Phone: (717) 542-4441
Contact: Dani Kushla or Jackie Mabe

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