The NCDAF team is an all-volunteer activist group. We’ve lost six children of our own to overdose, and are motivated to doing everything we can to stop the cycle of addiction and death in our community. By partnering with other addiction and healthcare activists, healthcare providers, service providers, and government officials, we endeavor to impact all aspects of the drug crises. We fund and place active Opioid Use Disorder patients into recovery; create and support community pantries that provide food, clothing and basic necessities to our community;  organize and host town halls that continually educate, inform and empower the community regarding addiction related issues and the right to recovery services under the law; organize and facilitate bi-monthly grief support sessions that provide a safe and supportive environment for parents and loved ones to talk about their losses;  hold sober social gatherings to provide fun and fellowship to the recovery community;  Facilitate Narcan training classes for the community to teach them how to use Narcan effectively; We distribute Narcan throughout Central Pennsylvania to local services and places that allocate that in their budget;  monitor government activity and advance positions important to the recovery community; conduct drug education programs in the Perry, Dauphin, and Cumberland County Public Schools; and , contribute resources to private or public drug awareness initiatives and assist with financial funding for endeavors that align with the goals and objectives of NCDAF.


Our Mission

  • To foster awareness on all aspects of OUD, intervention and recovery assistance to the community.
  • To continually educate and inform the community on their Healthcare rights under the law, in regards to recovery services and treatment available.
  • To educate and inform the community on legislation recently passed that impact access to services, and to clearly communicate the rights as a community member and a consumer.
  • To contribute resources to private or public drug awareness initiatives and assist them with financial funding that aligns with the goals and objectives of NCDAF


Grass Roots Organization

  • All Volunteer – No one gets paid – ever
  • Staffed with Parents of Lost Children, Parents of Children fighting OUD(Opioid Use Disorder)
  • Adding Recovery Professionals and advocates to the board
  • Only funding is local fundraising / Donations
  • Continue to grow organically as individuals seek us out for help.

We have worked closely with Governor Tom Wolf, PA Physician-General Dr. Rachel Levine, State Representative Ron Marsico, Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick, and many more.

Pennsylvania Public Schools Employees Retirement System (PSERS)

Every Year the Pennsylvania Public Schools Employees Retirement System (PSERS) hosts a fundraiser and selects a charity.  This year the recipient selected was NCDAF.  The fundraiser/Hot Dog Day was held on June 21st at the PSERS office located on North th street from 11:30 – 01:30.  NCDAF hosted an awareness table and sold NCDAF items including tee shirts & poem books.  The money raised allows NCDAF to continue to help families fighting addiction, fund our scholarship programs and continue education in our schools, town halls and community.